Monthly Archives: August 2012

What will Windows RT look like?

I’ve been thinking, “What exactly will the final version of Windows RT look like?” Yes, yes, I know, the interface will look something like this screen:



But what about the little details? I forget where I read this, but I’ve heard tech editors say that there will be no desktop on Windows RT? Really? How do they know? Yes, I also know that Windows RT won’t support tradition x86/x64 applications, but that doesn’t mean that the desktop won’t be there. Take a look at this picture of Excel 2013 for Windows RT:


Ahem, pardon me, but what does that look like on the bottom of the screenshot? What’s that? Bingo! The “taskbar”! Where does the taskbar usually show up? Right again! On the DESKTOP!

So, it looks like there will be a desktop on Windows RT. A desktop with a file manager and a desktop version of Internet Explorer 10.

So please, all you people who say that the desktop will be missing from Windows RT, please stop.